Ecological & Economical Compliance Measures:

Bioclean System vendors are educated on Federal, State & Local
requirements for wastewater management. Bioclean System vendors

routinely work with local municipalities to ensure they abide by their

requirements because, like you, they live within the community as well

and are just as concerned about its preservation as you are.

Rather than expecting customers to take on additional risk, Bioclean System vendors

are required to carry liability insurance, which serves to protect both themselves and

you, their valued customer. This also ensures that in the unfortunate instance that a

mishap does take place, both vendor and customer will be there for each other and

a quality working relationship can be maintained.

Strength of Combined Resources & Expertise:

Bioclean System vendors are also members of the Bioclean Team.

So if you have unique cleaning needs, like cold-weather cleaning for instance, your vendor has the resources to make sure the job gets done correctly, without the guesswork involved with most other wash vendors.

Bioclean System vendors are business owners themselves, so they are fully aware

of the expenses involved in operating a business. That is why they take numerous

measures to provide a high quality service at a very reasonable price. One avenue

that they take advantage of is our group purchasing power, which allows our vendors

to keep costs down, yet still purchase high quality materials to keep your fleets clean.

This enables them to consistently provide an excellent, yet relatively inexpensive, advertisement for your business. And of course, all of our professional wash vendors

are properly trained on equipment use, washing tips, and the not-so-secret methods

of  providing a quality wash experience for their customers.

A Friendly Word of Advice:

Beware of "national" fleet washing companies that claim to have the ability to wash

fleets on a national basis. Common practice with these types of operations is to shop out

such work to the lowest bidder, typically consisting of Mom and Pop operations, using

unknown methods and chemicals to perform their service - putting you at great risk!

These companies rarely have any capabilities or procedures in place for reclaiming and properly

disposing of generated wastewater.  Such companies actually put you at great risk.  Bioclean System vendors all use the same products, methods and procedures in providing their service. And you will

have the peace of mind that you’re dealing with individuals that run a recognized business that you

can rely on and trust - not a fly-by-night operation that may be here today, gone tomorrow.

Maintaining the appearance of your fleet is a large responsibility.

How can you ensure that your fleet will present a positive image of your

company, yet find a reputable wash vendor that’s eco-friendly in this

“green” oriented world? Why not take care of all three concerns by

hiring an Authorized Bioclean Systems vendor!

Here's Why Bioclean is The Smart Choice:

The detergents being using by Authorized Bioclean Truck Wash System vendors are

100% biodegradable & environmentally friendly. And since a two-step washing

procedure is used, the two different detergents neutralize each other, returning back

to the environment at or close to a neutral (7) pH state, unlike the majority of wash

vendors. In addition, the wastewater produced by the washing procedure has passed

the famous “trout” test commonly used by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment

and Energy and Environment Canada to determine the toxicity of waste water effluents.

Trout, known to be very sensitive to toxic chemicals, survived a grueling 96-hour test

while being submerged in wastewater consisting of Bioclean detergents. Test results

also showed that the  wastewater would have little to no effect on either soil or natural

water course. Plus, the detergents have been independently tested by chemists

employed by national fleet trucking companies and have been determined to be

safe for the surfaces of their equipment.

Why Should You Hire a Fleet Washing Vendor Using the Bioclean System?










and much more!

All Bioclean System Authorized Vendors are
fully qualified to wash and maintain a wide range of trucks, equipment, and fleet vehicles!

You have many reasons to feel confident that your fleets will be properly cared for by using a Bioclean Systems vendor.

Call one today- they will appreciate the privilege of having you as a customer, and you will enjoy the peace of mind they can give you

in knowing your fleet is being well cared for by one of the best vendors in the fleet/truck/equipment washing business!